Club Outing - RAF Museum, Cosford
  • Hi All, This is aimed mainly at those members who weren't present at the first meeting of our new season (you missed a real treat of a presentation from Claire Carter) to advise that the next club coach outing is going to be to the RAF MUSEUM AT COSFORD. The choice of dates (all Sundays) are the 1st/15th/22nd/29th October. If you would like to be included on this trip could you please indicate which dates you will be available and a date will be chosen which proves to be the most popular. As usual the coach will aim to leave Kempsey about 8.30pm and return by 6pm.

    There are around 70 aircraft on display over three hangars, with lots of potential for photography. Various exhibits/interaction/gallery/souvenir shop and of course a restaurant so plenty to keep us occupied and fed!

    As usual, this is open to members, their partners and friends. We are looking around a cost of £13 per person to cover the coach (if we can get a minimum of 27) as admission to the museum is free.

    Could you please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (certainly before the next meeting) if you would like to join us (and how many) and your available dates, either via the forum or direct to me by email:

    See you all soon!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just to let you know that the most popular date (by quite a big margin) for the visit to RAF Museum, Cosford is SUNDAY 29th OCTOBER 2017. If those who indicated their availability for this date could let me have £13 per person at this week's meeting, ASSUMING we get the number I need (minimum of 27) to cover the cost of the coach hire, I will confirm with Astons and make the booking.

    I would suggest we meet at the usual venue (bus stop on the A38 opposite the Crown pub in Kempsey, ready to leave at 9.00am, returning to Kempsey by 6pm. I will check to make sure we can leave our cars at the back of the Talbot car park as in the past.

    If anyone else who wasn't at the last meeting would like to put their name(s) down for the trip, along with any partner/friends who may also like to come, that would be absolutely fine, as long as I know and have payment in advance. If you're not likely to be at this week's meeting perhaps you could email me ( so I can add you to the list.

    Admission to the museum is free, though I think they are always grateful for a donation.

    See you all on Wednesday!
  • Jayne - really sorry I am unable to join you.
    I will be driving back from London on the Saturday after a photography workshop - think I might be a bit 'bushed'!!
    Do hope to get to Cosford sometime - looks very interesting.
  • No worries Judy, sorry it clashes, but always difficult to organise a date that suits all! I'm hoping we get a few more interested to make the trip viable. This date was the most popular of all offered, but if anyone else wants to come along, just let me know either via the forum or email.
  • Hi Jayne - Can you book two places on this workshop for myself and Julian please? B-)
  • Hi Gary, that great, have put both your names on the list! You realise it's not actually a "workshop" but just one of our twice yearly outings, on the coach, with our cameras. £13 each, leaving Kempsey at 900am. If you could bring monies along to the next meeting that will be fine.
  • Well folks, we're currently up to 22 members who have either already paid or who will bring their monies to the next meeting. We still need another 3 people (minimum) to make the trip viable, so anyone who wants to go but who hasn't let me know yet, could they please do so asap as I can't book the coach until we get at least 25 signed up! Thank you :)
  • Jayne

    Can I add 2 names to the trip - myself and Mrs Warren

    Roger Warren
  • Thanks Roger, both your names are now on the list!

    ANY MORE TAKERS? WE JUST NEED A COUPLE MORE AND I CAN BOOK THE COACH!! Everyone I have spoken to who has already been there says how good it is and even if the weather's inclement there's plenty to see undercover in three big hangars. There's even TWO restaurants/cafes so no one need go hungry!!
  • Good news Jayne- Book the coach!

    Carol and Ian (husband) are back from holiday and have said they would like to join the trip to Cosford.
  • Hi everyone! Coach is now booked as we have sufficient numbers to make it viable! For those who haven't yet paid, it would be appreciated if payment could be made at this Wednesday's (11th) meeting. Anyone not likely to be at this week's meeting, there will be one more meeting before the outing.

    See you all on Wednesday!
  • Thankyou Jayne for organising our trip to RAF Cosford. It was a great day and despite the coach being a little late this morning, went without a hitch. Good weather, great company and lots to photograph and much appreciated by us all.
  • Again, Thanks to Jayne - very enjoyable day out. Attached are a few images I took which I am quite pleased with (need time to go through them all!).

    (Anyone wishing to post images please ensure they are sized to standard club DPI measurements AND saved efficient for web - Jpegs at around 50% compression, should be 200 to 450k file sizes approx.)

    1738 x 1200 - 383K
    1200 x 1200 - 368K
    1800 x 1200 - 218K
    1607 x 1200 - 310K
    1869 x 1200 - 162K
    1613 x 1200 - 261K
    1905 x 1200 - 310K
  • Yeah, thanks Jayne, it was an excellent day.

    Graham, is there any reason why I can't view your images larger than how they are displayed? Double-clicking does nothing. That first shot of the hanger looks epic!
  • Hi Julian.

    I think that will be a browser issue, are you on a mobile device?? This may prevent the link opening the image correctly (I know I have spotted this on my mobile before).
  • No, on my iMac
  • Its OK, its working now, weird!
  • A very enjoyable day - Thanks to all concerned. I think I was too busy looking at the exhibits to take any meaningful photos . ( that my excuse and I am sticking to it !) . Really pleased to see 2 examples of plane I have actually flown in

    Roger Warren ( and Mrs Warren)
  • Thank you Jayne for this trip, I have added my one photo that I managed to take it took me all day to get this angle and I nearly managed it
    Keep on trying and one day it will come.
    1500 x 1200 - 1M
  • Terrific, Alan. You should be very pleased with that
  • You have to login to the forum for the click to work to enlarge the image.
  • Ray is correct - however, as Julian managed to post the question saying he couldn't see the large images (and needed to be logged on in order to post the question) I sort of assumed he was logged on! Thanks.

    (I have noted that on some mobile devices/browsers you may sometimes not be able to see large image even if logged on)

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