Photoshop Training Skills
  • Judy and I have had our heads together and have arranged two basic Photoshop Skills evenings, with Judy leading them, aimed mainly at the members who returned the recent members survey indicating they were beginners when it came to using Photoshop. Our aim is to try and get our less experienced members more confident with using raw and basic post processing techniques.

    Just to confirm, the first session which will be held on Wednesday 2nd August at the Community Centre, Kempsey, will cover:

    - the basics of transferring pictures from your camera onto your computer using Bridge
    - sorting and rating images in Bridge
    - basic processing of images in RAW

    The second session arranged for Monday 21st August will build on this and develop further techniques in RAW.

    If any other members are interested in coming along to one of these sessions, could they please let Jayne know asap so we can plan the room layout and refreshments needed. We currently have 7 members attending the first meeting and a similar number for the second.

    Look forward to seeing some of you next Wednesday!

  • Ray & Margaret interested in Monday 21 Aug. What time & possible duration?
  • Ìjayne. I'm intrested what time does it start?
  • Jayne, I would be interested in the 2nd session
  • Timings for both sessions will be the same as for normal KCC meetings, ie start at 7.30pm through till 10.00pm.

  • I would like to attend both if possible.
  • What version of photoshop will you be using?
  • Paul - Your name is now down for both sessions. Tony - you're down for the 2nd session. Ray & Margaret - your names are down for the second session.

    We will be using a mixture of CS6 and CC.
  • Sorry its a bit late but is there space for me on the 2nd
    Roger Warren
  • Hi Roger, no problem, there is still room for tomorrow evening. If you have a laptop with photoshop on bring it along, otherwise probably worth bringing a pad to make some notes. 7.30pm start.
  • Just wanted to thank all those who attended last evening's Photoshop Training skills session and hope that they felt more confident at the end of the evening in terms of getting their images onto the computer and then being able to find them! Also hopefully they got to grips with some of the basic suggested settings in Raw. A big thank you to Judy for putting together her presentation, it's never easy trying to gauge the level at which to pitch these sort of evenings, but judging on everyone's enthusiasm throughout the night, I felt it was about right. Looking forward to part two on 21st August. I'll try and remember to post a reminder just beforehand!
  • A reminder to those who expressed an interest in attending part two of the Photoshop Training session, that the next meeting is this MONDAY, 21st AUGUST at 7.30pm. This session will move on from using the sliders in Camera Raw to getting the most from the various tools available in Camera Raw which are very similar to the ones in Lightroom.

    If you want to bring a laptop to practice on during the evening, this would be ideal, otherwise Judy will be using the projector and screen to demonstrate the various options available. There will be a charge of £3 per person to cover the cost of room hire and printing.

    Look forward to seeing you on Monday.
  • Thanks Jayne and Judy. All being well, I should be attending. Have a good weekend!
  • Thanks Judy, all useful stuff
  • Interesting stuff. I now have to decide whether to subscribe or not. The raw interface has been greatly enhanced.
    There was some discussion on using 16bit processing in photoshop after the completing raw processing.
    It is always best to use 16bit for process in photoshop then finally convert to 8bit to save as a jpeg file for any 8bit only facility ie dpi projection.
    This website gives quite a detailed explanation:-

    This site is excellent for photoshop tutorials.

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