Kempsey Church Fete
  • At the AGM I volunteer to help with the club stand at the fete and to bring a couple of display boards that I have access to., unfortunately following my broken ankle I'm not able to drive yet. Is anyone able to offer myself and my wife a lift to the fete with the display board(s) and back when all over? We live in Green Street near the Huntsman Inn.
  • Hi Paul
    I will be fully loaded with equipment on the day but could probably pick the boards up from you in advance if you want. It might make it easier then for someone else to give you and Val a lift. Let me know.
  • HI David.
    Tony Wood is giving us a lift down but cannot transport the boards. We'll get a taxi back. That will be OK to collect the boards in advance, just let me know when.
  • David,
    How many prints do you want for Saturday?
  • Hi Tony
    Say 6 to 8 would be great, because as always, I don't know how many I'll get so I'd rather have too many!
  • Thanks, I will bring a selection that I think may work for the audience and let you choose.


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