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  • I have commented out a line in one of the more obscure (buried) PHP scripts and am hoping that this may address the issue of multiple email notifications.

    It is a bit hit and miss because there is nothing wrong with that line on the face of it, but I have seen others say that it can help (the double notification is a common problem).

    Personally I am still receiving 2 copies!! I think there is also a connection to the code saved in the preferences of individual members that can affect if this "hack" works or not.

    Interested to hear if this has solved problem for people.
  • I receive a single notification about a new thread, but two when comments are added. See what happens now! David W
  • Thanks Graham. The last double message I received was the one from Rose re Charles's images at 23:24 on the 29th of 'great pics' if that is any help. I can't look at forum settings on my phone, but will have a look when next on the PC.
  • Just noticed the last few emails (re the forum) that have come in this evening haven't been duplicated....fingers crossed!! :)
  • Well done, your modifications seem to have worked. Doubling up of messages was not such a problem when the forum wasn't being used much.
  • Great stuff, same with me - only one email now.
  • And the same for us! Well done Graham!
  • I now get one email and for info to other users my preferences are set with these two entries ticked

    Notify me when people start new discussions.
    Notify me when people comment on a discussion.
    Notify me of private messages. Email only ticked.

    Hope this may help
  • Certainly looking positive!

    I have trawled and trawled support groups and found a number of suggestions (and many with the same issue), it looks like this one may have worked although no-body seems to have a logical explanation as to why!

    Should probably close this now, but if problems seem to crop up again (multiple emails) please first check your preferences are how you want them (in your account settings) and if still a problem let me know.

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